Bridge Suite 2 App updates the previous version and improves usability

The App has three functions:

Bidding Box,

Fix Contract



Function Fix Contract replaces the score sheets used in tournemants.

Function Bidding Box replaces also the bidding box cards on the player tables.

Function Review is used to control results and bidding sequences of played hands.

The App firstly loads the hand sequence from the club PC using Dropbox, or from internal SD memory.

At the end of each played hand the result and the bidding sequence are written into a temporary file or into the SD memory. Copy to the club PC can be done immediately or deferred to tournament end.

The hand sequence may be per pair number, per table number, or per board set number.

To start

To test the App functions before loading the tournament hand sequence, you can create a hand list using the Do It Yourself function.

If you don't do this work, you can use a dummy sequence simply by giving any number in the Home Page, and then by following the help message.

More over, to make the first use easier, the App uses as default the local memory, instead of Dropbox, and the Fix Contract function.

You can use this approach also for home play and at the club if not connected ti the club PC.


GUI is intuitive and avoids errors. Each bidding selection is clearly visible and must be confirmed.

Other choices use pull-down menus where only the possible values are proposed.

Guide messages are shown at each usage phase. They can be inhibited when the users are expert.

The main choices are set in a preference page once forever.


If deemed necessary the tournament manager can set a four digit access key for the APP, not known by the players.

In this way the tournament manager fully control the player the number of the hand sequence and the function to use. 

More on the subject in In-depth Topics 

The Cloud

The hand sequence and the scores are copied automatically from and to the club PC by the Dropbox Cloud and are store temporarely on the tablet or smartphone during the tournament. This approach avoid problems is the tablet is temporarely off line, during the tournament.

There is also the option to use the tablet internal memory to store these files. They need then to be copied from and to the PC manually, using WIFI or USB.

The file of all the scores already played, are copied  to Dropbox at the end of each hand, if the table is in an area covered by the network, and also when exiting the App. Hence, if the tables are not in network, you need to go in a network covered area and exit the App. In the mean time the data remain safely stored in the App memory.