Compatibility: from API 17: Android 4.2 (Jelly Bean) to API 24:Android 7.0 (Nougat)

It fits on tablets and smartphones: it adapts to large or smal screens

It is available in Italian and English version

google play badge You can download latest version from Google Play Store


Comments and requests

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Download a sample list-of-the-boards file

Download this file into your Dropbox or your SD card at the path you have set in the Preferences

(i.e. /Bridge/in_1.txt)


Download the APK file

Release 2.1 20161106

In addition to the APK file, there are two files for a companion PC program, see its description here

Release 2.1 20161114

Some changed on the use of the Access Key

PC application 20161219

Fix in result upload

App release 2.2 version 149 dated 20170312

(previous versions are removed since incomplete or bugged)

App release 2.3 version 151 dated 20170322

Complete with OUT file encrypted

PC application release 1.7 dated 20170322

Compatible with App 2.3 and above

App release 2.4 version 153 dated 20171029

Aligned to Dropbox SDK V2

(previous versions do not work with Dropbox since SDK V1 is not supported anymore)

Sorry! There is an error in the vulnerability state. To be fixed ASAP in next version

App release 2.5 version 154 dated 20171031

Aligned to Dropbox SDK V2, and fixed vulnerability state in the tables

(previous versions do not work with Dropbox since SDK V1 is not supported anymore)

App release 2.6 version 155 dated 20171113

Aligned to Dropbox SDK V2, and bug fixed in Review function

App release 2.7 version 156 dated 20171201

Useful new function DIY added, plus some other improvements

App release 2.8 version 157 dated 20180303

Wrong "By" fixed, some other fixes, GUI improvements

App release 2.10 version 162 dated 20180524

Some fixes and improvements. New Alert management.

App release 2.11 version 177 dated 20190202

Small changes mainly for the Italian version

App release 2.12 version 179 dated 20190303

Small fixes