Bidding Box

This function uses two screens.

First Screen

It shows data of the board to play chosen by the Pair, Table or Board set number:

  • Sequential Number of the deal
  • Table where is playing
  • Board number
  • NS number and their color vulnerability
  • EW number and their color vulnerability

At the end of bidding, i.e. after 3 Pass, are also shown

  • Contract to play
  • By whom

and button OK that will be used after the deal is played and after that are entered

  • +/- tricks
  • Leading card

Touching OK the NS Score (i.e. positive or negative) is computed and it is shown in the NS Score field.

After OK it is still possible to correct +/- tricks and leading card, until you confirm touching the  button, that appear after OK is touched.

After that the score is confirmed, you pass to the next hand to bid.

Before starting bidding next hand, you can see the previous results, of the hand played so far, by the command glasses (see) in the top menu. The result are shown in the Table of Scores. Now you can also see the full score and bidding with the command Glasses Filled (see).

With Return you go back to the Home Page, and you go and bid next hand with Continue!.

N.B. It is possible to go directly to any board, instead than to the next one. See the definition of Num field. To do this you must enter the Key, if it is enabled.

While bidding this table shows the player bids in the corresponding columns.

The columns heads are the buttons of the players N E S W with their vulnerability colors.

The side that starts the bidding is marked by d (e.g.: d N).

The button of the side that has to bid swings.

Second screen

This screen is an exact replica of the bidding box cards. It appears when the swinging  button is touched (by the player that has to bid).

To bid touch the button with the desired bidding. At first touch the button enlarges and change color.

Touching it again (to confirm) brings back to the first screen and the bid is added in the column of the bidder.

If a wrong button was touched (by mistake) by touching any other button the selection is reset.

The screen shows only the possible bidding buttons, i.e. the choices lower than the last selected are not shown. 

Also double (X) and redouble (XX) are shown only when appropriate.

After Stop you stay on the same screen to select the bid. In the bidding sequence the bids preceded by Stop shown red.. When Stop is selected and confirmed the button becomes red. A second selection reset it.

With App current version, the Alert button must be used by the player that is Alerted by the partner of the player that has just bid, and not by the bidder herself otherwise she will inform her partner too. Hence the alerted player use the Alert button before her bid, just to record it in the result and bidding file. Alert cannot be used if the bidding screens are used, and must be done with the traditional way (blue card or knocking).

A next version of the App will support the use of one tablet per player and hence Alert button is usable also when it is nor bidding turn.


During the bidding it is possible to undo last bidding using the Undo command in the top menu bar. Undo cancels the last bidding and goes to latest bidding done, It can be repeated. Its use is mainly for didactic reason or when practicing with the App.

Referee Score

At any time during bidding RS (Referee Score) can be selected in the top menu bar. A window is shown where a character string can be entered with a Referee Score admitted in the tournament.

The string content is not validated by the App and is copied as it is into the NS Score field and into the score file.

Guide messages

In addition to the two described screens some guide messages appear at the bottom of the screen.

They are cancelled by touching the screen.

The guide messages may be disabled with the Verbose command in the top bar menu.

Menu bars

There are five commands in the top menu bar, described in the Commands page

and the Android Return command, in the bottom menu bar. Return brings back to the Home Page.