The Do-It-Yourself function is activated from the Bar Menu command  keypad DYI, in the Home Page. 

Use it to directly create a per Pair board list if you want to use the App just to take note of your results, including leader and lead card.

The list can be used for simple Mitchell tournament with X tables and Y boards per table, or for free list of the sequence of the board to play by a pair, as, e.g. in a Howell tournament. 


For Mitchell the pair number is given, with the rule that EW pairs have a greater then 100 number. The list file, as well as the result one, have this number as in the name..

For Howell, the pair number is irrelevant and is only used as file name. The pair number and side have no meaning.

This function can be use at home and also to use the App "privately" during a tournament to take note of your results, even if they are not loaded to the club PC and hence they are not used to compute the ranking. At the tournament you must use this function to create the list as soon as you know your tournament position i.e. your pair number, number of tables and boards per table, for Mitchell, or your board to play list, for Howell.

Use the buttons MItchell or Howell to save the file for the two tournament types respectively.

Android Back command, in the bottom menu bar, and the button Cancel close the function returning to the Home Page

NB: Please remember that for Mitchell the pair number must be less or equal the number of tables.