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First preferences

Some preferences must be chosen before the function use, the first time. Preferences are fully described in their page.

First, you chose if you want to use Dropbox, and please note that internal memory is default. After you set Dropbox as preference you must close the App and when you open it again you are asked to allow the use of Dropbox by the App.

Second,.you set the access and encryption key, if you want to use it. Default is no key.

Third, you chose which board sequence you want to use: by pair, by table or by board number,

Forth, you chose which function: Bidding Box or Fix Contract. The Review function has normally an exceptional use.

Fifth, the sequence number.

Please note that these operations are usually done only the first time you use the App, and they are done by the Tourmaline manager.   


When the App is launched there are three possible Home Pages depending on Preferences: Fix Contract, Bidding Box and Review


All Home Pages show the Pair, Table or Board set number that specifies the hand sequence to be used with that function.

You must confirm the number with execute  (usually a  or  symbol on the keyboard) before starting the function. When you confirm the hand sequence Table is shown.

Fix Contract and Bidding Box functions

In these two function home page there are two buttons: Start ! and Continue !

With Start ! you go to the first hand of the sequence, while with Continue ! you go to the hand next to the latest played. As a rule, Start! is only used the first time, and then Continue ! is always used. 


The are no buttons for this function but the command Glasses Filled (see) in the tob bar menu is used to see results and bidding sequence of the played boards.


You can access the preference page with the top menu command setting (Preferences)

N.B. To reset preferences to the initial values the Android Clear Data command must be used, going to Settings/Apps/Bridgesuite.


The Android Return command from the home page closes the App. This command need to be confirmed since it causes saving of scores, if not already saved before, and, when you launch the App again, deletion of temporariy files. 

N.B. The App takes care of removing temporary score files. The files stored in Dropbox or in the given local area must be removed by the PC manager. Files are overwritten by the App but is advisable not to leave obsolete files around.

Access Key

A Key is requested in Home Page only if a Key was set in preferences.

If Key is present, only entering the right key the functions can be activated, the hand sequence number can be changed, and the preferences can be accessed.

That means that the players, who ignore the Key, can only use the function and the hand sequence decided by the tournament manager who gives the players the App already launched and ready to use.

If Key is enabled, i.e. if there is a Key in preferences, the Key must be entered in these cases:

  • when the App is launched and the Home Page is presented.
  • when the Preferences command is touched, in the to manu bar.
  • when the Pair, Table or Board Number is changed.
  • when the Start ! command is used, after that some hands were played. 

In short, the players may use only the Function and the Number set by the tournament manager. If they want to change they have to ask the tournament manager, who knows the Key.

If the right Key is non entered, the requested operations are not performed.

Top menu bar

There are four commands described in the Commands page.

Android Back command, in the bottom menu bar closes the App.