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Use this screen to create or change the App preferred parameters.

All parameters have a default values that do not need be changed and that allow to start testing the App without the need to set the proper parameters to be used in tournaments.

Some parameters are saved into preferences when are set during the use of an App function.

The only value with no default is the access Key that can be left empty, until the App is not used in Tournament. An empty key means that no key is requested in the Home Page..

Select the function

To select the function to use. It can be changed without exiting the App. But, if the Key is enabled the function cannot be changed. 

When scores are saved

To select if the scores are saved in the permanent file immediately when available or later when you exit from the App.

Pair, Table or Board

The hand sequence can be per Pair number, per Table number, or per the number of the first Board of the set of boards played in a turn. 

Where are files located

The choice is between Dropbox and tablet SDCARD memory.

Dropbox choice is strongly recommended since it provides automatic file synchronization with the tournament PC, where the lists of boards are prepared and where the list of scores are destined to.

Which suits

The choice of the suit symbol depend of the character set installed since it is different from one Android device to another. The choice is an aesthetic preference between the two visible images.

File folder

The folder where the IN and OUT files used by the App are stored, as described here.

The folder is in the Dropbox or SDCARD root.

There is no reason to change the default value if not to adapt to the folders and file names already in use on the tournament PC.

Sequence number

This is the number that appears in the file name of the hand sequence file. This number can be entered as a preference or in the Home Pages of the functions. It is then also saved in the preferences.

If the Key to access is enabled, this number can be set only before launching a function. After that the key is requested both to re-launch a function and to access the preferences.


Secret key

Four digits known only to the tournament manager.

To encrypt

The key is used to encrypt OUT files

To access

The key is required to access functions

Return Command

Android Return command closes this screens and returns to the Home Page