You can launch this function from its home page to see the scores associatde with number of Pair, Table or Board, or from the fuction Fix Contract and Bidding Box to see the scores of the hand you already played.

In the former case this function is reserved to the tournament manager or for training purpose

It shows the played board data based on the Table of Scores, namely:

  • Sequential Number of the deal
  • Table where was played
  • Board number
  • NS number and their color vulnerability
  • EW number and their color vulnerability

and the score, namely:

  • played Contract 
  • By whom
  • +/- tricks
  • Leading card
  • NS Score

Below, in the columns corresponding to the sizes N E S W, each side bidding is shown, if Bidding Box function was used, Otherwise these fields are empty. If a bidding was alerted it is shown blue.

Together with the bid there is also the time spent by the bidders to do their bid, expressed in seconds. The first bid has a conventional time of 0 second since we cannot measure when the first bidder starts thinking what to bid.

Use +1 and -1 buttons to go to next or previous score.

N.B. It is possible to go directly to any board, instead than to the next one. See the definition of Num field

Guide messages

In addition to the two described screens some guide messages appear at the bottom of the screen.

They are cancelled by touching the screen.

The guide messages may be disabled with the Verbose command in the top bar menu.

Menu bars

There are two commands in the top menu bar, described in the Commands page

and the Android Return command, in the bottom menu bar. Return brings back to the Home Page