Security and fairness

The App assumes player's fairness. Hence:

  1. players must write scores at the end of the play, and must not change scores of previously played hands when the opponents leave the table. It such a case there would be duplicated results that might not be discoverd by the PC program that could just use the scores loaded last. 
  2. players must not load hands that are not for them to play in order to load scores that give damage to some opponents. Also in such a case duplicated scores would result. 
  3. players may review only the hands played on their tablet or smartphone. If the hand list is per Pair, they can review only hands played by them, but if the list is per Table, they could see also scores of hends that they would play later.
  4. a person might read score files using directly an Android program, e.g. Dropbox App.

Counter-measures for the above misbehavior are based on the use of the Secret Key to access::

  1. if a board sequential number is chosen in the pull down menu, the Key is requested. Only next board is selectable by the players. To go directly to another board the tournament manager must be involved. 
  2. if a new  Pair (or Table or Board) number is entered, the Key is requested.
  3. to execute the Preference command, in the top menu bar, the Key is requested, since in preferences the number and the function can be changed. 
  4. the players cannot change function and so they cannot launch the Review function.
  5. at top of file OUT the identifier of the tablet/smartphone is written when the file is saved. It is so possible check for a deceitful use.

Moreover if the key to encrypt is used, no player can read the scores of other players directly even if Dropbox App is used to read the OUT files, since thet are encrypted.

NB: The same key to encrypt must be used in all the tournament, since the use of different keys makes the OUT files unreadable and causes the Key Problem error in the App. To exit this problem the encrypted OUT files must be deleted.

Bridgesuite_pc_xx to interface the App

Bridge clubs use PC programs to prepare hand sequences and to process scores to create tournament ranking. These programs use their own file format.

Bridgesuite App uses its own simple file format fully described here.

It is convenient using a PC program to manage the interface between the club and the App file formats.

We have developed the simple program Bridgesuite_pc_xx.jar available in the Download area. It works with format commonly used for Italian tournaments. The use of the program si self-explanatory and it requires only to say where are the tournament and the App files. It is also possible to specify dealer and vulnerability sequences, even if they are normally fixed.  

After that the tournament file is selected, Bridgesuite_pc_xx creates all the hand sequence files (files IN_x.txt), for all pairs, tables and board sets. The App uses only some of them, based on preferences, e.g. only those of NS pairs.

After that the score files are loaded onto the PC, e.g. by Dropbox, a command of Bridgesuite_pc_xx update the tournament file, so that the club program can compute the tournament ranking. If the OUT files are encrypted the program decrypt and copy them in a local PC folder, outside Dropbox, and hence not reachable by the players. 

If some App user is interested in using other club program file format, please feel free to contact me and I'll be happy to extend Bridgesuite_pc_xx for that format.

Please note that Bridgesuite_pc_xx.jar is a jar file and must be used on PC according to jar rules. It is also necessary to put together in the same folder the file, that is in the same zip This file contains the configuration data and prevent the program execution, if missing.


Q: What does Return inside a function?

A: If an auxiliary window is open, then it is closed, otherwise you go back to the menu from which the function was launched. From there you can touch again the function and you go to the state you were before

Q: What is the field Num (next to Table and Board)

A: It gives the sequential number of the deal. Usually you go to next hand when you confirm the played hand touching. It is also possible to go directly to one deal among the loaded ones, by touching the number, selecting the deal on the pull-down menu and then confirming with the button = . You can go to forward or backward among the deals. The scores are saved in the order of the played deals, hence they are not saved for the skipped deals and saved twice for the repeated ones. The use of this operation requires the Key, if it is enabled.

Q: How Undo works?

A: Undo works only during bidding. It removes the bid done that must be repeated by the same player. Undo works on many steps, removing sequentially the bid of many players. Undo should not be used during a Tournament, with the same principle that a bid done cannot be withdrawn. But Undo can be useful when Bridge Suite is used for training sessions.

Q: Which is the use of Switch command?

A: Even is windows are logically alternated on the base of the player's operations, it may be useful to go and see a previous window. For instance, when it is your turn to bid, you look at the previous bids and then you go to the bidding box window to do your bid. If at this point you have a doubt about the previous bids, you can switch to the previous windows, look again at the done bids, and the switch on the bidding box to do your bid.